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Bubbies Chicken Soup
Bubbies Chicken Soup Category:     Regional Cuisine 
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Ingredients And Procedures

Large Fowl; 6 lbs 1 Lg Kettle (10-12 qt.)

-Water; cover and bring -to a boil -Prepare 1 Lg Onion,

3 Celery stalks

1 Parsnip,

1 bn Carrot

1 bn Dill

1 bn Parsley; (a bunch of each).

Put the chicken in the pot and cover with water. When the soup comes to a boil, skim off the top, add the veggies, turn down to a simmer. Keep the lid askew, and season to taste. It's wonderful and freezes well. Hint: put the dill and parsley in the mesh onion bag, to make for easier removal. Most would say to throw the veggies out, but I like to eat the carrots and the onion. The chicken is great in sandwiches or salad. I love it hot by itself, but you can put pieces in the soup when you serve. Add rice or noodles (cooked elsewhere) and of course there's always matzo balls. Enjoy, NOTE: If you can't find a fowl, use a Perdue Oven Roaster, cut up. A butcher gave me this tip once and I now use it all the time. He cut it up too. Elaine Radis, Prodigy Food & Wine Board

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